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About Us

IEA Electro-Acoustic Technology Co., Ltd. is an experienced, reliable designing
Electro-Acoustic Measurements that has been creating and making Electro-Acoustic
Equipment’s and Customize Testing Automation for over 25 years.
We have a long upstanding reputation of professionalism and excellent quality standards.
Provide our customers with innovative solutions to bring an idea into a reality.
To use every resources and capabilities to turn an idea into a superior product.
Provide an excellent, safe working environment and advancement opportunities for our employees.
Our laboratory instruments and equipment investment has more than USD 1.5 million.
Office & Laboratory in Neihu District, TAIPEI city.

Company History: 公司歷史與經驗


  • Member of Audio Engineering Society (AES)  I.D.40819 (美國音響工程學會會員)

  • Certificated for Instrument Calibration Centre of Chinese National Laboratory accreditation (CNLA) (TAF) 國家校正實驗室負責人資格

  • Certificated for instrument Testing Centre of Chinese National Laboratory accreditation (CNLA) (TAF)國家測試實驗室負責人資格


  • Bruel & Kjaer (B&K) far East Ltd. (Spectris Groups) 1991~1997 Audio &  Telecom Field Application Engineer and Sale Specialist (Denmark)

1997~ 2001

  • Audio Designer Corporation 立碁事業社


  • 變更獨資IEA Electro-Acoustic Technology Co., Ltd. 易祿達科技有限公司

  • On behalf of TUV implementation of the regulations of EN-50332 Establish compliance with the 3GPP TS 26 132 standard laboratory.
    與德國漢德科技合作認證測試服務, 建立手機與耳機法規標準聲學實驗室


  • To assist the Monstercable to create pop music headset sound quality benchmark (beats by dr. dre)

  • Provided to ACER establish Audio & Acoustical integration laboratory.

  • Donated to NTUT National Taipei University of Technology Electro-Acoustic Lab.
    捐贈NTD500萬國立台北科技大學電聲實驗室, 回饋社會與培養電聲人才.


  • The only one to become a global partner Google Electro-Acoustic Integration Tests Equipment for Audio and Camera test.

  • To provide ASUS Group Audio & Acoustical solutions and test system

  • The world‘s first company to develop headphone automated test systems and Tablet System

  • Expansion of investment in System Software R&D a new company NEAT.


  • Intel Voice Recognition certification Laboratory.

  • Special design for Beats Apple Headphone Electro-Acoustic Test System to USA.

  • Expansion of investment and Cooperate with OBO PRO2., Inc.